That Thing Called Love

Most people haven´t been taught to differentiate the Love that the mystics speak about from the romantic love: the Mystic´s Love is God´s Love, the Universal Mind´s essence… romantic love is visceral and emotional, is falling is love. keep reading here…  

From Fear to Love

Most people don´t achieve their dreams in life because they live in fear. Fear ranges from shame and guilt, the lowest vibrational emotions in the consciousness spectrum, to jealousy, apathy, anger, sadness. Transcending these lower states of consciousness and starting to take responsibility for your own happiness and well-being is the beginning of allowing joy … More From Fear to Love

9 Qualities of Conscious Leader – #9 GREATNESS

A Conscious Leader aims for GREATNESS in themselves and others. INNER POWER When we think of GREATNESS, maybe the first thing that comes to mind is to move towards achieving something bigger than us, something greater, to accomplish extraordinary things. For some great leaders GREATNESS is the pursuit of external power, to conquer, to dominate. For a different type of … More 9 Qualities of Conscious Leader – #9 GREATNESS

9 Qualities of Conscious Leader – #8 INCLUSION

Conscious Leaders are INCLUSIVE. The word INCLUSION goes beyond Diversity and Equality. Both diversity and equality tells us about a problem that needs to be addressed by bringing more of what it is lacking. If we say that a Leader or an organisation´s values is Diversity, we are saying that they are focusing on bringing more diverse people because they haven´t … More 9 Qualities of Conscious Leader – #8 INCLUSION

9 Qualities of Conscious Leaders – #7 TRUST

Coach John Wooden, one of the greatest coaches and mentors of our times left a legacy that teaches people how to live a successful life based on core fundamental Heart centered values. He showed us how to play the game of life. He based his teachings and mentoring in facilitating an environment where people could flourish … More 9 Qualities of Conscious Leaders – #7 TRUST

9 Qualities of Conscious Leaders – #6 EQUANIMITY

Conscious Leaders are Equanimi. I love the word EQUANIMITY. It´s one of those words that I like the sound of and I like the shape of the word. It has depth and intrinsic meaning. It is intriguing. EQUANIMITY is being detached with love and compassion. EQUANIMITY is not the same as indifference; EQUANIMITY is compassionate, loving kindness and unconditional love at its best. EQUANIMITY is … More 9 Qualities of Conscious Leaders – #6 EQUANIMITY