9 Qualities of Conscious Leader – #9 GREATNESS

A Conscious Leader aims for GREATNESS in themselves and others.


When we think of GREATNESS, maybe the first thing that comes to mind is to move towards achieving something bigger than us, something greater, to accomplish extraordinary things. For some great leaders GREATNESS is the pursuit of external power, to conquer, to dominate. For a different type of great leaders, GREATNESS is the search for inner Peace, happiness, Joy and Enlightenment. These leaders who seek GREATNESS by developing the Power of the Soul are Conscious Leaders.

GREATNESS is different for each person, it depends on where they are in the evolution towards their Consciousness, GREATNESS will have different meanings for each personality.

A Conscious Leader has attained or is working towards reaching a high level of consciousness that goes beyond Love and Joy and into PEACE and Enlightenment. Such person knows that his or her GREATNESS depends on how far within herself she goes. For them, GREATNESS has nothing to do with external power, with recognitions, with domination of others, with persuasion, with influence. These Conscious Leaders who seek GREATNESS from within have found out that, the deeper they go into the essence of their Soul, the more they can help others, for one can only help others as far as to where you have gone yourself. In other words, in order to support someone to learn to manage their emotions for example, the Conscious Leader has learnt to manage her own emotions first, and she clears her emotions frequently, being a living example of what she can support others with… another example, in order to help someone relieve their stress with mindfulness, the Conscious Leader learns to manage her stress with mindfulness and conscious awareness… To sum up, in order to support others becoming a Conscious Leader-Coach, you first become one yourself, working on the inner strengths of the Soul, aiming to be a better person each day for yourself and for the authentic service to others.

I kindly invite you now to stop for a moment and meditate on the following question… what does GREATNESS mean to you?

Any change starts with a decision to change. Once the decision has been made, it is necessary to comply to a high degree of commitment in order to achieve that change and make it sustainable. Becoming a Conscious Leader-Coach that Leads and Coach towards their own GREATNESS and the GREATNESS of others is also a decision that requires a high level of commitment. There is no difference.

Your own definition of GREATNESS will give you the clues of whether you are prepared to go beyond anything you thought possible, accept that the Universe is there with unlimited possibilities on a silver plate ready to serve them to you if only you open yourself up to surrendering and acceptance.


This huge change, this commitment, this acceptance of limitless possibilities requires self-love. By observed many people through coaching and healing them I have realized that, at the base of every single issue that people have, whether it´s emotional, physical or spiritual.

there is a prominent lack of self-love. This inability of loving parts of ourselves brings deep rooted issues up to the front and they manifest as emotions undealt with, physical problems, spiritual blockages. The root of most challenges are blocks to one´s ability to accept themselves fully. We live in a world where we are constantly exposed to comparisons, we are sold images on how to behave and look, we are told what to eat and drink, we are manipulated by the media in such subtle ways that most people live in a made up world created by the made-up standards of others. These comparisons are lethal for self-esteem, self-love and self-confidence. It is the responsibility of the Conscious Leader to go beyond these unreal, superficial standards, embrace themselves fully, with their perceived flaws, negative traits and darkness and love all that they see, applying loving kindness, care and compassion to one-self. GREATNESS starts with one-self. Having GREAT LOVE for the self is the basis of achieving GREATNESS in all others areas and to inspire others to find their GREATNESS too.


GREATNESS… GREATNESS is a choice that requires Inspired action from the Soul. Most people go through life in a sleep state, ignoring the gentle nudges of their souls, pretending they don´t hear the interior voice of their intuition and mistaking synchronised events for lucky chance. Yet there comes a point in the lives of these people, most of us, maybe you, when your Soul start making louder noises and clearer demands that you cannot ignore any longer. After years of abusing your body with the wrong substances like too much sugar, of killing your minds with hours in front of a TV set, of storing unresolved emotions in your body, of creating a grey cloud of dark energy made up of worrying, negative and destructive thoughts around you, suddenly you grow tired of being exposed of non supportive external factors such polluted air, contaminated water, constant noise, that affect all your internal systems…. And the moment finally arrives when holistically you are at a turning point and you Soul starts to intervene… then you start thinking that there is something else to life, that you are so much more than what you have been made believe you are… You start tapping into the GREATNESS of your Soul from that tipping point of emotional overwhelm and the moment of waking up starts to arise in you… This is INSPIRED ACTION, that comes from within, from unanswered questions that your Soul has started to ask with that quiet yet persistent inner voice.

This inspired action towards GREATNESS is the calling that many people feel inside. Many ignore it, because they know deep down that it will take great effort to leave what´s comfortably uncomfortable and they prefer to stay put in their made up lives, with eyes closed to what is really going on. The brave ones answer the call and start the seeking adventure that will never end and that will inevitable take them to the removal of the layers of lies, programming and conditioning that have hidden away the treasure that their true authentic self is; this adventure will irrefutably take them to the discovery of the GREATNESS that resides inside of themselves and to the REALISATION that they have always been that.

The GREATNESS that we seek, we are already. The journey towards GREATNESS is one of conquering, finding, realising, discovering what was already there all along. And this journey follows the road of the Heart, it´s an inner journey to the depths of the Soul.

This is true power. Spiritual Power is attained with the realisation of who we are. External power is satisfaction for the ego. And the deeper we go within into the avenue of the Heart, the cleverer the ego becomes in hiding and personifying the traits of the Soul. It requires conscious awareness and practice to differentiate the ego demands from the Soul desires.


There is no end towards the path to GREATNESS. For GREATNESS it is not a destination, it is a way, it is the path itself, and it is a path with no end. GREATNESS opens the door to infinite possibilities, hence there is an infinite path ahead that goes within, deeper and deeper, following the profound road to One-Self.

In this path towards the Self, embodying self-love and taking inspired action from the callings of the Soul, one eventually finds that the true meaning of GREATNESS is not about becoming something else, it is not about YOU, because you are already everything you are seeking. Realisation is the inner knowing that GREATNESS is about seeing GREATNESS everywhere, in oneself and others, in the environment and in every person, in nature and in man-made realities. GREATNESS is encountering your own REVERENCEfor all forms of life and recognising the UNITY in ONENESS with all Creation.

GREATNESS is the way of the Heart, in unison with the Mind and Body as ONE. The way of GREATNESS is the way of the Conscious Leader.

The way of GREATNESS is led with Love, Joy, Compassion, Laughter, Service, Equanimity, Empathy, Grace, Gratitude, Honour, Healing, Creativity, Magnanimity, Humbleness, Wisdom, Freedom, Oneness and PEACE.

GREATNESS is who you are. Choosing to become a Conscious Leader sets you in the way of becoming that magnificence which you have forgotten you already are.

The qualities of the Conscious Leader summarise into One, GREATNESS. Authenticiy, Collaboration, Inspiration, Oneness, Presence, Equanimity, Trust, Inclusion… are traits of the One that leads from the Heart for these are traits of the Soul.

Choose GREATNESS, start leading yourself and others towards GREATNESS. Make a huge impact and leave your imprint as a legacy that will leave Humanity a little bit better just because you were once part of it.


Join me on my World´s #1 Conscious Leadership and Coaching Certification Program.

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