9 Qualities of Conscious Leader – #8 INCLUSION

Conscious Leaders are INCLUSIVE.

The word INCLUSION goes beyond Diversity and Equality. Both diversity and equality tells us about a problem that needs to be addressed by bringing more of what it is lacking. If we say that a Leader or an organisation´s values is Diversity, we are saying that they are focusing on bringing more diverse people because they haven´t got it at the moment. If we say one of their values is Equality, they are saying that they focus on equal opportunities because at the moment they have differences. However, INCLUSION includes everything. There is no judgement in the word INCLUSION like there is in the other words, Diversity and Equality, INCLUSION involves no judgement, it includes everything and everyone regardless. This is the closest to ONENESS a leader or an organisation can be.

Lance Secretan say it so magically like he always does: “Exclusion hurts, Inclusion Inspires”. INCLUSION inspires because when a leader who is inclusive has in his or her team many different perspectives, many different angles coming from different people who comes from all different backgrounds, colours, races and cultures, this is an incredible environment of growth, learning from one another and creativity. Simon Sinek says ´INCLUSION brings Curiosity´. When you work with other people who are unlike you, you are curious about how they think, how they live, their backgrounds and this translates into a more open and evolved working environment.


However, there is a silent partner that plays against the Conscious Leader who aims to be INCLUSIVE. This is your subconscious. The subconscious plays along and when you are not aware of it, the subconscious mind choose to be in the company of people who are like you. You unconsciously feel more comfortable around people who think like you, are like you, share your values, share your challenges… this is your tribe, the ones who understand you. And this unconscious bias is a real challenge when the Conscious Leader is not aware of it, because it will close doors to the openness and inspiration of being with other people who are not like you.

INCLUSION requires being conscious of how the mind world because by default the mind will choose to be with people who are like you, in all areas, it will make you prefer people from your own gender, your own race, your own nationality, or not, but either way, having these unconscious preferences is bias. Our mind makes unconscious decisions without us knowing unless we are aware that the mind does this. The mind wants to protect us and makes life easier for us and even though most of the time the mind will fail to make our lives easier, it will do it anyways because that is its job. It is the Conscious Leader´s responsibility to be conscious and aware of the tricks of the mind and lead the mind instead of letting the mind leading him or her. Just notice how quickly you start judging the next person you hear talking, watch your thought and analyse what your mind is telling you… this is unconscious bias… maybe you will judge the person because of the accent, the way they look, the way they speak, their gender, their race…

There is no solution for unconscious bias but being aware of it, knowing it is there and that our minds do it, then be in charge of the decisions and take time to make them, analysing the reasons behind making those decisions, the real reasons.

A recent study tells us that leaders are not good at assessing how equipped they are at analysing their own level of unconscious bias, with senior leaders being the more inclusive.


When we think of INCLUSION we may have the tendency to think of the visible differences, the outside factors that differentiate people. Yet INCLUSION means far more than cultural differences, race, gender and even opinions.

INCLUSION means accepting other people´s emotions too. An INCLUSIVE Conscious Leader creates an environment where people are free to express their emotions, to feel good at work, creating a atmosphere of trust where people feel open to speak up with respect and honour. Susan Davis in her book ´Emotional Agility´ say that, “when people are allowed to feel their emotional truth, engagement, creativity and innovation flourish in the organiSation”.

INCLUSION includes diversity of emotions. When Conscious Leaders are trained to be Emotionally and Spiritually Intelligent, they know that their emotions are information, telling them something about how they feel and about the environment. It is the wisdom of the Conscious Leader that stops to look down into the depth of the emotion. It takes courage to do this, to look at the emotion with curiosity and compassion for one-self. It is wisdom and courage to turn the emotions that do not serve the own values away and keep the emotions that are aligned with the values that are followed.

INCLUSION includes you, the Conscious Leader and all that you are. The first one to be included is you, with your strengths and your failures, with your values and your challenges, with your emotions and your fears. A Conscious Leader loves herself to the point of full acceptance of who she is. A Conscious Leader is aware of her unconscious bias and works towards minimising their effect. A Conscious Leader is Emotionally Intelligent, manages her emotions transforming those that are not aligned with her values and reinforcing those that are. A Conscious Leader is Spiritually Intelligent, is compassionate and loving towards herself first, including and accepting all of her in any environment she is in and extending that love, compassion, acceptance and INCLUSION to all others, nature, the planet and the whole Universe.

INCLUSION is Universal. It includes every single thing because everything is Consciousness.


Study with me and become a great Leader-Coach who leads and coaches for Greatness, learn Emotional Intelligence, Spiritual Intelligence and Coaching skills that will raise your Consciousness so that you can serve better to your organisation, your team, your family, and ultimately the planet and yourself.


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