9 Qualities of Conscious Leaders – #7 TRUST

Coach John Wooden, one of the greatest coaches and mentors of our times left a legacy that teaches people how to live a successful life based on core fundamental Heart centered values. He showed us how to play the game of life. He based his teachings and mentoring in facilitating an environment where people could flourish and thrive to be the best version of themselves. By doing that, he knew that people will commit and play to win. He left us the pyramid of success, which contains the basis to build this successful life in anything we do, by transforming ourselves into honorable people. His father gave him a creed that he always carried around with him: the four things a man must learn to do to achieve his dreams: 1. To think without confusion clearly 2. To love his fellow-men sincerely 3. To act from honest motives purely 4. To trust in God and heaven securely Trust in God and heaven securely… to achieve anything in life we must TRUST first. A leader must TRUST… period. Leadership equals Trust. For a Conscious Leader, TRUST has many levels. 1. Unconditional Self-love: when the leader starts to loving him/herself unconditionally, they trust themselves, they trust that whatever they do and say is congruent and comes from a place of authenticity and integrity. 2. Trust others: once self-love comes and the leader loves himself, trust in others is possible, because we can only do for others as much as we have done ourselves. We cannot love and trust others if we cannot love and trust ourselves first. 3. Live in Flow: Trust in the Universe. When the leader loves unconditionally he knows that he can trust in the force of the Universe to deliver his dreams. He sets the intention strongly from his loving Heart, he starts and takes action and he leaves the how-to to the Universe to deliver, following intuition and the nudges of his Heart and Soul, with the input from the Knowledge of the Mind and Wisdom of the Heart. 4. Embody Trust: The Conscious Leader arrives at a point in his development when he just TRUSTs. There is a space of Oneness. He has learnt to trust himself, others and the Universe and see that there is no difference. He has embodied TRUST and has the wisdom of knowing that embodying TRUST means loving himself, others and the creation as a whole.


This is the secret, it´s trusting others first. We have heard it many times, the leaders goes first, and there is no difference when we speak about TRUST… to build TRUST in others, the leader sets the example and TRUST first, creating a culture of mutual respect. I TRUSTyou first, because I TRUST me and the universe, because we are one. TRUST and Respectare gained by trusting and respecting first. Whoever goes first is the leader, whether he is trusting or not. So as a Conscious Leader, go first and grow into TRUST and self-love so that others can trust and love you.

“He who does not trust enough will not be trusted.” – Lao Tzu


TRUST is a basic characteristic in Servant leadership or Conscious Leadership. The Conscious Leader seeks to Coach and Transform their people and these skills are based on TRUST. Developing others requires a great deal of letting go of oneself and provide guidance, mentoring and coaching so that others perform to their best. The Conscious Leader puts others first, behaves benevolently and compassionately towards others. The Conscious Leader is vulnerable because they show authenticity, congruency and integrity. This is showing TRUST. Conscious Leaders display ethical behaviours which ultimately lead to TRUST. All this helps the leader to build credibility at a personal level. TRUSTthen will follow. TRUST requires the Conscious Leader to display transparency, honesty, integrity, authenticity, high levels of morality and dignity. When leaders step up as leaders and specially as Conscious Leaders, they will be at the forefront. The integrity of the leader, the capabilities of the leaders, the results of the leader and the intentionality of the leader will be observed at all times as the factors that others will consider when deciding to TRUST. Ultimately, the Conscious Leader makes the transition from ´me´ to ´us´, from ´I´ to ´we´. This is key that others will unconsciously test the leader on when checking for TRUST. Consciousness is community, does not think on singular terms. Even when we are not aware of it, we admire in others the qualities of generosity and altruism, of putting others first. People feel secure when they are with such a leader who puts other people first, as the basic need of feeling secure and loved are covered.

TRUST is built by Loving, Sharing, Giving, Putting others before you, Being Vulnerable and Trusting first.

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