9 Qualities of Conscious Leaders – #6 EQUANIMITY

Conscious Leaders are Equanimi.

I love the word EQUANIMITY. It´s one of those words that I like the sound of and I like the shape of the word. It has depth and intrinsic meaning. It is intriguing.

EQUANIMITY is being detached with love and compassion. EQUANIMITY is not the same as indifference; EQUANIMITY is compassionate, loving kindness and unconditional love at its best. EQUANIMITY is letting go of emotional, mental constructs and judgements and accept what is without question, without falling into the drama of the situation, yet observing and acting from love and compassion with detachment.

When a Conscious Leader arrives to a place of EQUANIMITY, he or she is truly leading consciously. EQUANIMITY is one of the most supporting qualities a leader can have. When the leader is coaching, mentoring, advising, directing someone from a point of total love, listening with compassion and detachment with emotional or mental reactions, the leader is offering divine love to the person in front. Not reacting emotionally or mentally is acting with wisdom, the wisdom that truly empowers, awakens and transforms people.

Leadership requires courage and practicing Leadership with equanimity and compassion requires even more courage; being aligned with your spiritual self and being conscious both take a lot of courage.


Firstly, because not everyone may understand when the leader is being compassionate, not everyone will match the level of detachment that the leader may be displaying, not everyone will feel as loving towards others as the leader. Yet the leader leads and goes first, showing the ways of the Heart with loving kindness.

Secondly, leading with equanimity and compassion takes courage because the leader must greatly transform him or herself to arrive to the point in her life when she feels true compassion and can act from true EQUANIMITY. This spiritual transformation is frequently slow and not easy, constant and never-ending. This takes a huge amount of courage, determination and passion for one´s growth.

EQUANIMITY feels the pain and success of the people around yet it does not engage in it. Being equanime is understanding that all is well, that things are as they are yet acting from love and compassion always and in all ways.

Living in EQUANIMITY is living in mindfulness, observing the world, accepting things as they come without reacting yet welcoming every experience without judgment. Taking action then does not come from need, it comes from Love and Service.


I love listening to the weather conversations in my small town in the South of Spain… not too different from the weather conversations in any other town in many places. We normally enjoy good weather there, with very warm summers and pleasant winters, with only a few spells of rain and cold. If the summer is too hot, people will say ´oh it´s so hot, it´s unbearable, I look forward to the evening cold breeze´. In the evening, it´s too cold for some and they will say ´oh, it´s so cold in the middle of august, what kind of summer is this?´. The ´levante´ wind will come pushing and pulling with an intense force, then people will say ´oh this wind, it makes me feel so tired and light headed, when is it going to go?´. The wind passes by, like everything else in life, and the heat comes back, then they will say ´oh, it´s so hot, it´s unbearable, the wind was actually cooling it down a bit´. The winter comes ´oh, gosh the long winter, summer was so short, and now it´s so cold´. A summery day comes in the middle of winter ´oh no, it´s so hot, it´s supposed to be winter, what am I supposed to wear?´. It´s winter and rain comes one day ´oh no, it´s raining, I cannot go out, the day has been spoilt now, I cannot wait for summer´. This is the picture of daily life for most people in all situations.

With this constant moaning and complaining about what is happening NOW, people are never happy with what they have. They feel it is always greener on the other side but they don´t realise that there is no ´other side´, that when you arrive to what you perceived as ´the other side´ before, it is ´the other side´now, and at some point, from the mindset of complaining and not accepting the present moment, you will wish you were back on the original ´other side´ again, because the past is then remembered with less clarity, bad things forgotten and it appears to be better than the present moment, which it is still in front of you. This is not living in the present moment. It´s not accepting what is. It´s living in the mind, it´s day dreaming in a perceived world how our mind tells us how it should be outside. When people think like this they do not live in the real world, they live in the stories they tell themselves, they live in the past, they live in the future and no one of them exist, only the present moment exist. They moan and complain without feeling that life is happening through them in this moment only. We all feel like that at some moment in our life, or in some aspects of our life.

Living in Conscious Awareness and Leading from the Heart means we are aware of this as return to the present moment as much as possible when we find ourselves drifting into a mind made-up reality.

The Conscious Leader is aware of this and decides to live mindfully and with equanimity. This is why the Conscious Leader is present, listening to the what is that every situation brings each moment with pure, loving detachment and acting from love, not need.

Mindfulness and EQUANIMITY come hand in hand together. The more mindful we become, the more EQUANIMITY we embody and vice-versa, you cannot have one without the other one growing by itself. As you practice the one you already have or the one that comes easier to you, the other will grow over time.

Both practices, EQUANIMITY and Mindfulness will teach the Conscious Leader the art of Forgiveness , the art of Gratitude and the art of non-Judgement. Both qualities require the leader to learn to train the mind to non-judge, as the leader decides to look around herself with the eyes of EQUANIMITY, with detachment and compassion, judgmental thoughts may still arise and with the skill of mindfulness she can then observe the thought without feeling connected to it. Gratitude and Forgiveness can help keeping the judgmental thoughts at bay and transform them into thoughts of love and compassion. Gratitude will open the Heart and convert judgement into acts of loving kindness. Forgiveness will also open the Heart, removing bags of emotional and mental garbage and transmuting the judgmental thoughts into pure feelings of love and compassion. This is truly healing and the basis of the great transformation that the Conscious Leader will go or has gone through in order to embody EQUANIMITY wholeheartedly.

Conscious Leaders will not attach themselves emotionally or mentally to any circumstance, because they know that only from detached love, from equanimity, can they empower and transform the person who is object of her leadership.

True leadership aims towards EQUANIMITY. Leading from emotions and mind is not efficient or loving leading. Great leaders learn to manage their emotions and their thoughts, use their Spiritual intelligence by driving themselves through the gates of Gratitude and Forgiveness to arrive to the core of their mindful and equanime Conscious Being that they are, and always have been, deep inside.


Study with me and become a great Leader-Coach who leads and coaches for Greatness:


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