9 Qualities of Conscious Leaders – #5 PRESENCE


Conscious Leaders are PRESENT.

I used to feel overwhelmed at work. As a Visionary, holding the global vision for every single human being to become a Conscious Leader, I was living much time in the future. Even though in my personal life I have been present and aware and I practice conscious awareness in everything I do, when it came down to work, I used to feel overwhelmed by the amount of work to do, by the huge mission I have set myself to achieving and frequently, this overwhelm turned into procrastination and frustration.

It was during an accountability exercise after a course where I created my vision board that I realised I was being present during the daily tasks as I was been hold accountable for the task I said I was going to do. It was then when I realised that I was becoming less and less overwhelmed as I was more and more present in each task I was doing.

Focussed attention and discipline, not getting distracted, was bringing me to the present moment.

I have been studying and practising meditation for many years. I encourage my students, as one of my first spiritual teachers showed me, to live as meditation, this is living in conscious awareness of everything that is happening within and outside of you.

Working is no difference. Meditation is not quieting the mind, it´s not controlling the thoughts, I find that impossible and maybe only a few people can fully do it. True meditation is keeping the mind busy so that the Self can be at Peace and truly be aware of itself.

The mind is clever and wants to be busy. The mind warns us of the past, it reminds us of the mistakes we´ve made so that we don´t do them again… The mind tells us what to do and what to avoid… it´s always looking out for us, basing its judgements in past experiences, programming and learnt behaviours. It´s the mind´s way of protecting us.

When we know this, we can then use the mind as a tool, not the other way round. It takes years of conscious practice to be able to say to the mind, yes, but no thank you… do this instead and I will just be present.

Being aware of the mind and it´s power is a wonderful tool for being present. PRESENCEis being in the here and now and this is only possible when the mind is busy doing its thing, otherwise, the mind takes us to the past to remember past events and feel anxious or to the future, to dream and to tell us what we need to do and we feel overwhelmed. Only by practising the art of being here and now, of being Present, we can then focus in what life is bringing us each and every moment.

Conscious Leaders are Visionary and their vision takes them right into the future, dreaming and holding the vision for their teams, their families, their communities, the whole of humanity… but Vision without Presence is only Day-Dreaming.

Vision with Presence is powerful. A Vision is Dreaming the Future NOW, in the this moment. The future happens now and is created from the now moment. If we keep dreaming and living in the future, we are not creating it in our reality, we are merely dreaming it. When we embody a vision and live each moment as a step into the vision, we are walking the vision, we are entering the realm of the magnificent manifestation of our incredible future.

This is very important for the Conscious Leader. As the Leader consciously creates the vision, he or she lives in the present each moment, holding the vision. The main job of the Conscious Leader is to hold the vision while they are Present creating it, each and every moment.

Holding the vision while being present is being multidimensional. This is the ability of a deliberate creator who walks the path she is dreaming and creating at the same time. When creating the vision, the leader creates the future. When being in the present, the leader creates his life. When the leader holds the vision while living it in the present moment, the leader is bringing the future she has already created into the present moment, hence bringing her vision into reality each moment.


The Conscious Leader is aware that the future can change. She is aware that the vision created is only one of the infinite possibilities that are there. The vision she created is the vision that was more accurate at the time of creation depending on the level of consciousness of the leader, the present circumstances and the amount of love that the leader holds in her heart. As the leader walks by each day, living her life in the present while holding the vision, the leader is developing into someone new every day, the leader is developing into the person she must be to manifest that vision, as the vision is bigger than her present, she must become someone she is not, a better version of herself to be able to bring that vision into reality. And as she does that, as she evolves, in a multi universe of infinite possibilities, the future may change too. The vision is only one of the infinite possibilities for every given moment and the Universe knows better and can deliver better things than the ones the leader originally planned out.

Presence is the key to manifesting a magnificent future, an extraordinary life. Vision with Presence is creating the future and bringing it to the present moment, then walking a path to an unknown version of the original vision. As we walk the path towards the vision, an array of multiple versions is created each moment, where every decision from the leader creates a new vision, a new future, from the present step.

So imagine how crucial it is, how important it is to do every single action we do consciously. If every decision is influencing our future, our vision, we must be fully aware and present during every decision we take, holding the vision and living the present. Every single moment determines whether the vision gets accomplished or not, every single moment defines the future, redefines the vision.

Conscious Leadership is walking the present moment in full awareness of every step, of every decision. Conscious Leaders hold the vision with care as an obsession, with impeccable purity in its definition, only that way they can ensure that each moment is taking them to that future and not deviating them to another reality. At the same time, they keep an open mind and an open heart to follow the loving deviations that the Universe may provide.

Conscious Leaders are Powerful Creators of beautiful, revolutionary and empowering realities for all.


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Photo by Josh Adamski on Unsplash

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