9 Qualities of Conscious Leaders – #4 ONENESS


When I learnt this distinction ´Environment is Stronger than Will´ from one of my mentors, I adopted it as one of my daily mantras.

“Environment is Stronger than Will” means to me that the environment you are in, the people you surround yourself with, the influences you have in your life, are stronger than your deepest desires and inner motivators for change. Your environment will drag you down and destroy all good intentions of your weakened will. For example, you strongly desire to incorporate running to your daily routine, you buy the shoes, you get the app, you purchase the running gear, you set the empowering mindset… then someone around you says the black magic words “I don´t know why you bother, so much work for nothing”… and there it goes, your will desapearing rapidly down the drain, your shoes gathering dust, your sport gear growing smaller… and your hopes for being a runner shattered like a fragile glass ball out of a Christmas tree.

I´ve been observing myself through this distinction and through carefully looking at myself through it and living it, I believed it to be truth.



I loved the Key Monastery in Spiti Valley in the Himalayas. I fell in love with the image of it in a NLP course brochure and I immediately decided that I had to go there. I travelled to India, almost died in the attempt to trek through the dessert just to be there… and I did… and I met the Dalai Lama´s spirit (that´s for another story) and I felt totally at home. I often travel back there with the VISA of my mind in the aeroplane of my Heart and the wings of my Soul; I imagine I live there, in PEACE and HARMONY with the Buddhist monks, meditating all day for World Peace, with the only task of covering the few basic needs… Paradise… In fact, I often do this in my retreat home in Glastonbury, where I bury myself in my own solitude and enjoy the freedom of my Soul´s full expression; there, where I am not confined by the thoughts, energies and emotions of other people, I feel expanded in a multi-verse where only I exist to express myself to myself in absolute Unconditional Love and total communion with the Beloved within. When I´m there, I sing at the top of my voice, I dance until I´m out of breath, I pray, I meditate, I laugh and I cry in between the most powerful Coaching sessions I can offer in that Pure state of Oneness. Bliss…

Yet my inquisitive Mind and adventurous Heart push me out of that space, because for me that space is my confort zone. Then I find myself again inmerse in our beautiful world where I´m at the mercy of other people´s auras and thoughts and feelings… where I don´t know anymore what thought is mine, where my sensitivity and empathy made me feel lost and have a hard time managing all those energies floating around. I absolutely love going around meeting people, discovering remote places, I adore it, then I always return back home, to my safety heaven, and recharge and be me again. At home where environment and will are one with no interference from the outside world.

This has been the norm for a while. I got used to this. Going wild out in the world then returning to quiet in the solitude and comfort of my own Home.

And I kept observing how this distinction is so true… I believed that ´Environment is stronger than Will´ therefore I kept experiencing it. Until one day when I was ´in the zone´ feeling blissful and carefree, my Soul, bless Her, asked quietly… “Are you truly FREE?”.

Three words that rocked my world to the core of my Beingness. How clever is she. My quest towards Freedom or Enlightenment is a non stop process and my Soul makes sures she is on top of it.

No, I was not truly FREE. That was my answer. I was limiting myself to the belief that ´I had to be alone in order to be able to experience the Fullness of my Being´, because I could only be me when the environment was not disruptive of my Inner Peace. As soon as I was in a non supportive environment, this changed and I was not able to fully connect to the origin of my Soul, to the openness of my Heart, to the Coherence of Mind and Soul. I was not free. A Free being is ALWAYS connected no matter what. And I was only connected when I was in a supportive environment.

But, I KNOW that environment is stronger than Will, it certainly is like this. When you surround yourself with people who are not vibrating at their highest because they have negative attitudes and thoughts, when you enter a space where the energy is not pure because people are emanating anger or jealousy or any other fear, this certainly affects you, indeed… but then again, I know people who are not affected by their environment. Even my teacher who taught me the concept of environment being stronger than will is not affected by this distinction, at least I don´t feel he is, he deals with many people in long training sessions over many days and there is no change in his energy level, he is not affected by the environment, and everything goes on during those long training sessions. The same person who taught me that environment is stronger than will, is unchangeable by his environment… My other mentor, she is the same, her Joyful nature is not disturbed by the environment she is in, she is in a constant state of Love and Joy that is infectious…

My spiritual teachers have also been that way, their auras were so powerful that their presence would transmute all pains and sorrow, bringing joy to some people sometimes for the very first time in their lives. I know their Wills to be so strong that nothing can shake them out of their integrity.

So, how do I solve this puzzle? How do I become unshakable by the environment? How do I break the rule that ´environment is stronger than Will´?

I kept observing… and started questioning myself… Environment is Stronger than Will… or is it?



I took care of it. For years, I surrounded myself with open Hearted people and visited places with high vibes. Raising my vibration with meditation, inspirational work and isolating myself from non supporting surroundings. Yet there are people and places that remain in your life, for different reasons. It was only when I found myself fully inmerse in such an environment and observed my energy going down and adapting to the lower vibration of the environment, when I started this going back and forth to my safe place in Glastonbury. Until I had to stay in the non supporting environments for longer and longer periods. My energy level was harder to manage.

It was then when one day the realisation came. In order to be fully FREE, I must allow my Soul to be at her full expression at all times, regardless of the circumstances, regardless of the vibration around me, regardless of the unsupportive people around me, regardless of the thoughts that come, regardless of the feelings that arise that start closing the Heart… Regardless of it all, the main priority is to keep the Heart and Mind open and coherent. The main priority is to vibrate at the melody of Love and Be the Love. Only this will set me free and permit the presence of my Being to be there at any time, in an infinite, eternal conundrum of Love, Joy and Peace. I must be in a state of High Consciousness at all times.

So I started singing like I did in my safe place, in my confort zone. I didn´t wait to feel like singing to start singing… If I didn´t feel like singing, then I would sing anyway. Instead of waiting to be Full to express my Soul, I started modelling my own Soul when She is fully in me when I am in my Heaven on Earth spot in my hidden away cottage in Glastonbury. I started to dance even when there were people watching. I started to meditate even in the midst of chaos. I started to smile to the unsupportive comments of others, understanding that those comments are only the perception of themselves based on who they are, they had nothing to do with me, expressing compassion to my own doubts and to the fears of others. I started empathising with all the thoughts that crossed my mind, mine or not and watching them pass by. I started acknowledging all emotions and loving them. I started practising constant conscious awareness. I started forgiving and forgetting my own judgements. I started to be Conscious and Leading myself Consciously to be the full expression of my Authentic self each moment. And I released judgement, and as I released judgement I became more and more empty. And the more empty I became, the more space my Soul had to play through me. I started embodying the Love of my Heart, the Power of my Soul and the Will of Love.

Environment is Stronger than Will… absolutely it is. However when your Will is the Will of Love, there is no environment anymore, for you are One with everything and everything is in you. When you are the Will of the whole Universe, you live beyond your own reality and no illusions of an outside influence can shake your core anymore. This is what these masters of reality do, they constantly channel and are in tune with the purity of their beings and nothing can touch the Oneness of oneself with everything that is.



Conscious Leaders are One with everything. In the ONENESS of All There Is, they learn the power of their own emptiness so that only the Will of Love, the Will of the Universe, the Will of the Universal Intelligence, the Will of God can work through them. Conscious Leaders leave their own egos at the door and walk with the Hearts open, in full Integrity and in total Congruency with who they are at the core of their being. Conscious Leaders know that, to be catalysts of transformation in others, they must walk their walk in total Oneness with the Universe. It is their Love, the Vibration they emit and the attitude of Service that trigger exponential change in people. Their Will are Stronger than any Environment because they become the environment, they Create the environment, they are the Environment. In such an environment, created by this powerful Conscious Leader, Your Will will never be stronger than Their Environment, as this Environment is created in Oneness and it includes you and all you are. This is their Secret.

This is Ultimate Love and Exquisite Compassion.

Conscious Leaders are walking examples of Pure Love, Divine Will and Extraordinary Spiritual Power.

This Buddha nature is the aim of the Conscious Leader. This is my aim.

Gema Ramírez

http://www.gemaramirez.com / http://www.sweetblue.global

Become a Great Leader-Coach who leads and coaches for Greatness: http://consciousnessacademy.global/index.php/coaching-for-greatness-certification-program/

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