9 Qualities of Conscious Leaders – #3 INSPIRATION

Conscious Leaders are Inspirational Leaders.

I love the definition of Conscious Leader from my friend Floyd Carlson. He says in his book ´Conscious Leadership in Action!´ that great leaders are memorable leaders. He explains how he remembers leaders who made a difference in his life, who changed his life or the life of others. In the same way I remember him as a great leader when he led a large team in a huge IT corporate where we worked together. In spite of Floyd being not a direct line manager of mine, I do remember the great team spirit and culture he created, I remember how he made me feel during the team meetings and I remember clearly the motivation and inspiration that other leaders below him and displayed and conveyed to the rest of the team.

Great leaders are memorable leaders. Conscious Leaders are Inspirational Leaders and as such, they are memorable. They say that people may not remember your name, your title, even your face, but they will remember how you made them feel. This is true INSPIRATION.

INSPIRATION is such a beautiful word. The word itself is inspirational. I love the feeling and the sound of the word. I hear it and I immediately feel inspired. The etymology of the word comes from the latin ´inspirare´, which means ´breathing´. Breathing is indeed the instinctive action that keeps us alive. No wonder the word is so powerful in itself. It´s the breath of life. Take breath in… take life in… inspire… This is also inspired by another great leader´s inspirational work, Lance Secretan.

Remember the last time you felt inspired? How were you feeling? What were you doing? Where were you? Who were you with? Take a moment and think about it…

INSPIRATION comes when we are fully connected to the authentic being that we all are. Inspiration is the Soul in action. We feel inspired when we are relaxed, when we feel at ease, when we feel peace within. We are inspired by beauty, by art, by poetry, by music. We feel inspired when we are in love, when we feel love from someone or something. We are more open to inspirational moments when we are by the sea, in the mountain, in nature, in solitude, with people we admire. Inspiration comes from the Heart, not the mind. Inspiration is not part of the thinking process. Inspiration comes and then the rational mind notices it. Inspiration comes before thought.

INSPIRATION is contagious. When we hear inspirational speeches or videos, we feel it inside in out guts. INSPIRATION touches us to our core and connects us with other people. INSPIRATION is the language of love, the expression of the soul, the act of God.

INSPIRATION comes in many ways. Some compose music, others write poetry, others share their love, others speak, others perform, others dance, others sing… all forms of art are inspired. Many writers I know say it, ´It is not me when I write, my book has a life of its own, it was written by something bigger than me, I was just there capturing the word and impregnating them on paper´. We have seen singers lost in a world of their own when they sing. We have seen actors deeply engrossed in their character when they act. We have seen painters in trance-like states with the brush in their hands. We have experienced the feeling of being in cloud 9 when we are in love. Inspiration is not from this world. Inspiration is the language of the Universe translated into a human experience.

Do you remember how you felt when someone you admire said something that touched you? Inspiration comes as a wave of Divine Love and interconnects people´s Hearts with the force of the cosmos. Inspirational words and actions are Love inspired… call it God, call it Goddess, call it Universe, call in Universal Intelligence, call it Source, call it Love… Inspiration comes from something bigger than us through the clear channel of our Soul when we are fully connected with our true selves. That feeling that you felt when you heard inspirational words from that special someone, that feeling is god´s energy transmitted to you through the other person, through their beings, through their voice, through their writings… When you feel inspired, when you feel that feeling of being inspired, you have been spoken by Love, by the Universe through someone who was willing to be used as an instrument of Love.

Conscious Leaders are Inspirational leaders. They are connected to their authentic truth and they are compassionate and in service. Conscious Leaders are servants of the Universe, hence they are channels of the Essence of the Universe, of Divine Wisdom, of Universal Truth, of the Energy of Love. When you are in the presence of a Conscious Leader you are in the presence of someone who is devoted to be a conduit for this energy for you, for others. This is the feeling that you feel when you hear inspirational speeches, when you read inspirational prose and when you see inspirational acts of love and kindness. Conscious Leaders are channels of Love through them and towards you. What other reason do you need to become a Conscious Leader yourself if you are still doubting?

Imagine a world where everyone choose to embrace Conscious Leadership as a way of being… In a world where all people choose responsibility for their own wellbeing, live from their Hearts in Love and Compassion, doing good for others and the planet and channelling the energy of Love through their beings for their own wellbeing and to inspireothers… A world where everyone chooses to be a Conscious Leader is Paradise on Earth. Start creating your own piece of Heaven and choose Conscious Leadership now.

Inspire others with your example. Be Love. Feel Joy. Emanate Peace. 

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