9 Qualities of Conscious Leaders – #2 COLLABORATION

Conscious Leaders are Collaborative Leaders.

COLLABORATION is working together in a team or group of people towards achieving a goal.

We live in the digital era where online communities and groups are key to today´s communication strategies, marketing and networking. These communities succeed when people collaborate among themselves. The digital era is making us aware of the fact that together we go further, we achieve more and go beyond each person´s potential; the potential of a team is exponential to the potential of one of its members. Conscious Leaders know that cohesive teams are much more powerful than individuals alone.

Top corporations thrive in the online world where COLLABORATION has replaced competition. We have realised that keeping businesses in silos, where information is not shared and departments are isolated from each other, does not work anymore.

People are sociable by nature. We look for others to share our lives with. We are all interconnected and separation is an illusion. When we compete, we go against our nature. When we collaborate, we flow and let the love of the Universe flow through us, allowing our True essence to shine through and towards each other. When teams and groups work like this, they flourish and thrive, people are happy and results are benefitial for each one and the whole.

COLLABORATION takes the pressure out of work and gives meaning to people. When team members collaborate, they each put on the table the skills they are good at. When challenges and conflict arise, the supportive environment created by the collaborative leader, makes the conflict resolution more viable and a learning opportunity for each one involved.

Conscious Leaders lead from a collaborative style build great value-based teams with TrustCommitment and Diversity.

1.    TRUST: For COLLABORATION to succeed and take place, team players must rely on each other´s strengths as well as support those who are less skilled. When team members collaborate, competition takes place only with oneself, as each member is committed to improve themselves and be better each day. Trust is gained by leading by example, going first and showing your own vulnerability and authenticity as a leader. COLLABORATIONhappens when each member is aware that they cannot make it without each other.

2.    COMMITMENT: to the team, to the task in hand and to personal development is paramount for the successful creation of a collaborative environment. People tend to want to collaborate with the people they feel comfortable with. This approach may hinder personal development as there is less chance of moving out from the confort zone and also innovation if no new people are added to the mix.

3.    DIVERSITYCOLLABORATION is at its best when we add Diversity to a team or group, as new ideas and points of view are considered. Conscious Leaders create a culture of Inclusion, where all ideas are accepted and considered and everyone has a voice.


True COLLABORATION is based on Heart energy. Conscious Leaders are humble to leave their egos at the door, making the wellbeing of their people the base of their leadership styoe. Conscious Collaborative Leaders lead the task, not the people. People who collaborate together lead from the Heart, looking out for each other´s interests and development, with love and care. They are working in alignment with their Soul´s desire and wisdom: the knowing that we are all interconnected with each other and the planet. When this happens, groups and teams perform at their highest potential, making individuals feel good about themselves as they are evolving and living on purpose. High performing teams are great assets for any organisation as they increase value and profits. In a Conscious Business, a high performing collaborative team is focussed on its people´s wellbeing and on a conscious cause, which bring solutions that are not only not harmful for the environment, but beneficial to it.

This is CompassionCollaboration brings Compassion into the workplace.

Let´s Co-Co-Co lead… Consciously, Collaboratively, Compassionately.

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