Conscious Leaders are Authentic Leaders.

What does being Authentic mean? According to the Webster dictionary, being Authentic means being true to one´s own personality, spirit or character.

Being an Authentic and Conscious Leader implies being fully aware of your personality. To be authentic means knowing yourself very well, being conscious of who you are so that you show up as who you are and being aware of when you are not fully you.

Authenticity means being honest. Working hard on being authentic means you are not being authentic. Authenticiy comes from the Heart, from a true and Deep love from oneself and the recognition of the gifts that you own to give to the world. This authentic self cannot be rehearsed, cannot be faked. Authenticiy is spontaneous and magnetic.

People are naturally attracted to Authenticity and turned off by non-authentic people. Someone who speaks naturally, from their Heart, attracts attention and warms other people´s Hearts. A speech can be prepared and still being authentic, because you have learnt to listen to your Heart and the words come from your inner Wisdom.

Opening the Heart and living from your Soul is being Authentic. You cannot fall into the unauthentic trap when you live from your Heart, when you listen to your mind without prioritising what it has to say. When you embody fully your Soul there is no room for anything but Authenticity.

Children are Authentic. They speak their minds and say things as they are, from the Innocence of their hearts and minds. Children are not programmed by our society standards hence children live from their hearts and are spontaneous. To be authentic means going back to that childlike mindset and begin to heal our Deep wonds, the layers of protection that we put around our hearts that prevent us from being vulnerable and authentic. Overcoming our fears, healing our past and letting go of our ego so that our Souls can drive fully the seat of our being into a brighter future.

Being Authentic is Being Our Soul, naked, with no masks, embodying Love and Compassion as the true values of our Hearts.

Sometimes, the Leader-Coach needs to wear a mask, I hear, in order to empower and inspire change, the leader must wear different hats and bring about different personalities and archetypes. Yes, this may be a positive influence in other people´s lives, to become someone else for the sake of development. Yet this is not the same as wearing a mask. When you wear a mask, you are being someone you are not, you are not being true to yourself, you act in oppostition to your core inner values and there is a feeling, a roaring emotions burning inside you that shouts at you and tells you this is wrong. When you decide, consciously, to become someone else for the good of your team, displaying a different personality archetype for the sake of the development of others, this is not the same as wearing a mask, this is acting, it´s becoming someone else to facilitate learning, this facilitation is always done from the same core values that drives your Soul.

Learning to be authentic cannot be done by Reading a book or attending a course. Transformting yourself into your Authentic self is a process of inner development and evolution. It´s becoming conscious of who you are and striving to be that. It´s choosing who you want to be, what values you want to be driven by and work towards incorportating those into your mindset. It´s opening your Heart fully so that your Soul can fully reside in it to direct the game called ´Your Life´.

We cannot teach authenticiy yet we teach Leaders to become authentic, by inspiring them to open their hearts and show up as they Beautiful, Full Beings that they are.

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