Spring is here… or is it?

One of the things I´ve always loved the most about living in the UK, is the fact that seasons are clearly defined. Coming from the Southern part of Spain, where we go from mild winter to hot summer in a sudden awakening of the senses, I have always admired the contrast and the slow motion of the transitions between seasons here in the UK.
Today, we welcome the spring. Days had started to be longer, slowly… today it is raining heavily, yet it is not cold. Flowers are already coming out and each one has its central stage glorious moment of bloom and the inconsequential death of fame throughout the spring and the summer.
British people love their gardens and after the often long and isolated wintery months, they fill their gardens with all colourful flowers and seasonal trees. They are so appreciative of the few weeks a year of good weather they have that they enjoy them to the full.
Spring comes with a bash here in the UK. Easter is celebrated joyfully, with Easter eggs and long weekends away, with Mother´s day and flowers everywhere.
And then the spring eventually turns into summer… Summer in Britain is not always hot. Being a nation that adores talking about the weather, summer gives them the perfect excuse to do it. Summers in Britain are always far from perfect. They can either be gloomy and ´oh we haven´t had a summer this year´… or too hot ´oh we haven´t had a summer like this one since 1995, we are not used to this heat!´, they may moan, knowing that they unconditionally love the heat when they go abroad and look for the most heated up places under the sun, competing among them on who will go back to Britain with the brightest and most painful tan. But one thing is certain, the Brits enjoy their summers like no other nation. They spend time outside, in public gardens, in their gardens, they make BBQs and the whole country becomes inundated with the enticing smell of grilled coal. They become more alive and the streets lightened up with things to do because they know that it won´t last, that the rain and the cold will be back soon with a vengeance and the winters are far too long… so they make the most out of each second of summer.
Living through the seasons in the UK:
I learnt to appreciate the transition periods, where things come into a plateau and nothing seems to be moving.
I learnt to prepare for the huge lapse upwards after the plateau, which can come at any point and transform you like a bud into a full bloomed flower.
I learnt to appreciate the slow motion of the true spring and the feeling of fulfilment when it´s finally over.
I learnt to appreciate the moments of happiness, of glorious joy and exhilaration because irremediably after them the winter blues come.
I learnt to love and appreciate the motion of life, by observing the flow of nature here in the UK and to know that everything is temporary, that things and people come and go, that those same things and people may come back and things are the same and they are also different, sometimes better, sometimes not, and that all I can do is to accept, things as they are, as they come, knowing that I can be a mere observant of I can go to somewhere else where the speed of spring is different or even better, I can create my own spring inside me as I choose how to look at outside events.
Spring is here, I know in my Heart is a new beginning, even if it´s heavily raining outside as in a wintery day. And I have the power to decide how to feel: if I look right, I see rain and grey clouds and it feels it´s winter… if I look left, right from where I am sitting as I write this, I see daffodils and bluebells already blossomed through my window and I can hear the birds singing welcoming the spring.
We have the same power in life, there is always the duality of things, of the third dimension where we live, and it is up to us to decide where to focus our attention and whether we want to look at life with the renewed eyes of spring or the foggy glasses of winter.
The choice to be happy regardless of the circumstances, is always ours.
Choose to be Happy



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