True Love Road leads to Clapham Library

True Love Road is the title of my love story in my book ´Love Unboxed´. The aim of the book was to offer support, guidance and inspiration to women across the planet. 20 women told their love story as it happened, raw and undiluted, full of wisdom and courage.

Mine was one of them. When I became involved in the project, I thought my story would stand out because my tendency to always turn things into the Spiritual side of life… for me there is no other way. In my story, there is a deep reflection of what true love is and what it isn´t, there are conversations with the Universe, there is magic, there is Law of Attraction, there are syncronicities and there are Conscious Learning, in order to bring up Conscious Awareness. I thought this may be a bit out of the ordinary and probably quite different to the other stories… but I did go along with what I was feeling.

To my surprise, most of the stories of the other ladies co-authoring the book ended in the same conclusion as mine did. Most of them have a deep spiritual and transcendent meaning and lesson. And the learning, at the end of the story, the conclusion, is the same in most of them: in order to love another, in order to attract into your life the kind of relationship you wish, in order to feel another´s love, you first must love yourself.

True Love Road is the road to Self-Love and Transformation. My story, my experience, is the same experience as so many other women out there. I could have written any of the stories of the book ´Love Unboxed´, because there is a little bit of me in every single one of them. Every story tells the part of my story that I left out.

This is why, this book is so great, because many women will feel reflected in their stories and will realise that they are not alone. That no matter what you come from, what your background is, what age you are, we have all felt the same pain, the same experiences of being a woman in love and we all have realised that we had to come into our POWER, to reclaim our Queen´s crown and to become that Gooddess again in order to feel fulfilled by our own self-love.


The public who came to see us at the Clapham library on February 10th, 2017 confirmed it. Many told me how they felt so inspired by the fact that we were all so happy, telling our drama stories from a detached perspective, from joy and having learnt the lessons, but without regret, without pain and without any negative feeling left, in fact we are all successful at what we do, joyful and happy with our status, whether in a relationship or not.

This is the message that this book brings: the hope that there is a brighter tomorrow, that by loving ourselves, by claiming our self-respect and letting go anything in our lives that do not bring joy and growth, we can become the best versions of ourselves and be happy in the way towards our transformation.


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