What Colour is your Day?

Blue, when you feel inspired and free, relaxed and connected.
Red, when you feel the fire burning inside and you are ready for action.
Yellow, when the sun is shining and you feel happy and vibrant.
Green, when you are surrounded by trees and immerse in nature.
Grey, when things are not as you would like and sadness has taken over the rainbow.
White, when you feel the purity of childhood and you are playful and radiant with joy.
Black, when you cannot see the colours of the rainbow because of all the thought clouds you have allowed in.


The colour you see the day with is your filter. Like your camera has filters and you choose which ones to use, then you look through the lense and see what you want to see, to your liking, adjusting light and shadow to give the final picture the perfection you are looking for… the colour of your day is the same… use your filter, use the emotional intelligent tools you have, use your common sense, use your love to give your day a different hue.

Maybe you want to start slowly, so if your day is grey, start by choosing an emotion that brings you one step closer, to a lighter shade of grey. And continue until grey miraculously converts into pure white, and you are ready to play like a child full of joyful innocent energy.

You have the Power to select your Colour palette.
You choose your Thoughts,
you choose your Emotions,
you choose your Feelings…
you choose the Colours of your Day.

And then go beyond, take one step forward and choose not to choose… dare to live as a child, because the child would not choose.. the child would have all the colours, because the child plays from the premise that Abundance is a birth right.


Gema Ramirez Page

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