The Power of Silence

When I was a child, I was mesmerised by the Simon and Garfunkel song, ‘The Sound of Silence’, the controversy and the incongruente of the affirmation that the Silence has Sound intrigued me to the Core at that young age, the Dichotomy of God. And still today, I listen in awe to the beauty of the perfection of the harmonious music and the exquisite poetry.

No wonder I was mesmerised by it. Silence has been a key companion in my life… not always welcomed, specially by those who cannot or are not ready to hear it.

There has not been one friend or relative who has not commented on my long Silence. ´She´s a quiet one´, an auntie said. ´You are always so quiet´, a friend would prompt in true discomfort. ´Good girls are quiet´, the school would proudly shout. I was always the good girl.


The past week, 3 people have commented on my Silence… my long lasting silences make people uncomfortable. I used to feel sorry for myself, for not been able to fill all the empty spaces and meet the expectations of everyone who wants a chatty friend to entertain them, for not being like everyone else. I have never been a great conversationalist and this has caused me a great deal of pain and grief in my life.

Now, however, after someone very close and dear to me called me ‘His Ocean of Silence’, I finally understood…

I am the Ocean of Silence where Peace dives. I am Silent, most of the time, because I don’t like small talk. I remain Silent when I don’t want to break the sound of nature. I am Silent because I like to talk only when I know my words come straight from the Heart. I remain Silent because I believe that Active Listening is like Loving. I am quiet in Silence when others are talking because interrupting them is so disrespectful. I am in Silence because I wait for the other to run out of things to say, so that we can both be in Silence together and enjoy the True Connection of the Souls.

Silence disturbs people more than loud noise… because they are used to distractions and noisy environments. And when they find my Silence awkward, this is because I am mirroring their True Essence, because I reflect their Soul, which thrives in Silence and Solitude. And most people are scared of seeing themselves as that, as the Beautiful, Perfect, Pure Sound of Silence that they all are.


Sound is Creation and Silence is the Void, the Nothingness where everything starts from. Silence is the Feminine Voice of the Universe, the womb where Her Masculine counterpart, Sound, emerges from to Create Form. And Sound and Silence, together, are the Oneness of All That Is.

When we are in total Silence, we are tapping with what was even before Creation itself… we are connecting with the Void, with the Abyss of Emptiness… we are ONE with the origin of All That Is… and that can be truly frightening for the untrained soul.

Today I love my Silence and I don’t apologise anymore for being Silent. Because when I am in Silence, I know AM Being Me. I AM in full connection with who I AM.

I AM Being.


Listen to ´The Sound of Silence´, Simon & Garfunkel.

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