The Coaching Revolution

We see coaches flourishing and emerging from every angle, in all professions and dedicated to all sorts of niches.

It is expected that in 2017 the Coaching profession takes a leap and many more people will be trained as a Coach and will hire a Coach.

The profession keeps being in demand and the methodology of Coaching is being applied to all spheres of life, from business to education, to personal life, relationships, spirituality and performance at work.

Coaching is effective, we know that a Coaching process is efficiently transformative for both the Coach and the coachee. We know that the figure of the Leader-Coach is bringing companies to not only perform better under less stress and making even more profit, the figure of the Leader-Coach is transforming companies into Conscious Organisations that are going beyond sustainability and moving from the ´doing-less-harm´concept to the ´doing-good-for-the-people-and-the-environment´attitude.

Coaching is transforming the world by itself and why? Because as everyone adopts the Coaching values of Honesty, Humility, Active Listening, Compassion, people grow into better individuals, groups became better, society becomes better. Coaching is the silent movement that is taking the world by the storm and is infiltrating slowly, kindly and steadily into every realm of life.

In order to become a good Coach, the future Coach goes for his or her own transformative process, adopting new better values, changing behaviours into more productive ones, modifying attitudes into more effective ones, creating empowering beliefs from the limiting ones, and ultimately, shifting the identity and becoming an overall better person, a whole person with a purpose and with a renewed sense and zest for life, normally including doing things for the benefit of others, which is the meaning of true and lasting Happiness.

Coaches are taking over the world. The Coaching profession is arriving everywhere and is getting there to stay. And we are doing it using one of the most basic principles we know, by INSPIRING others, with our work and our example, showing them that there is a better way of being that makes us happier and more fulfilled people; by helping them un-learn and re-learn and open their Minds and Hearts to new possibilities,

We are living the Coaching Revolution where everyone, everywhere, will eventually become a Coach of themselves and all the others. Coaching will become a community of good practice that will include the whole of humanity and that day, Coaching will have achieved its objective for existence and cease to exist as it becomes ingrained into everyone´s Consciousness as a new way of living.

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